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Cynthia Joyce Clay

Cynthia is the third editor of The Oestara Anthology of Pagan Poetry and the author of Vector Theory and the Plot Structures of Literature and Drama as well as other fiction at this site. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Oestara Publishing LLC.

Cynthia Joyce Clay is the Editor-in-Chief of Oestara Publishing LLC and the author of Zollocco: A Novel of Another Universe and other books and plays published by Oestara Publishing LLC. Clay’s background is in the theater. She holds a BA in theater (latin honors) from Brandeis University and an MFA in acting from the University of Georgia. Clay attended the National Theater Program at the O'Neill Center. Among her acting credits, Clay was a member of The American Repertory Company. Clay was judged to be a computer program on Shakespeare at the First Loebner Prize Competition of The Turing Test-a truly science fictional experience. The Competition was filmed as part of a PBS Scientific Frontiers episode and aired internationally. In addition to living sf, Clay has experience with the thriller genre: she was invited to Russia to deliver her paper, “The Application of Vector Theory to Literature and Drama” at the international conference “Languages of Science, Languages of Art” and was chased by the KGB.

Cynthia has been listed repeatedly in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in American Women, and Who's Who in the World.

StoryCrafters Studio

Cynthia is forming StoryCrafters Studio. StoryCrafters Studio is becoming a Florida non-profit dedicated to supporting South Florida theater and story telling. Cynthia is looking forward to setting up a space in Miami Shores for writers and theater artists to develop their work in a studio setting where they will benefit from input on their work through public forums.

With an eye to a specific space on NE 2nd Ave. in Miami Shores, three studio areas are envisioned, a small meeting room appropriate for a first read through of a script and book cub meetings; a simple rehearsal space appropriate for rehearsals or workshops; and a forum rehearsal space. When Fri., Sat., Sun. night forums are held the simple rehearsal space and the forum rehearsal space are to be combined for the showcase forums. Theater artists should think of the forum space as a type of Blackbox "no set" theater.

To be eligible to reserve a forum time slot, submit the script you wish to present and come for an interview where you will direct a few minutes of a scene from the work you wish to do in the forum. Storytellers and comedians must submit the piece they wish to present and audition. Those who wish to do a talk on writing must submit the paper they wish to present and be interviewed. Those who wish to do a book reading and talk must come for an interview and bring the book they wish to read in the forum. Copyrights must be respected. The artistic director, Cynthia Clay, has final say in what works and talks will be accepted. Though a script may be passed on, the director may be welcome. In that case, the director simply chooses another script to direct from a wish list or to a submits the new script.

Currently Proposed Fee Structure to be kept if it covers operation costs.

Fri., Sat., Sunday evenings are reserved for the forums. There will be a $50.00 reservation fee for each evening reserved with a 50/50 split of house proceeds between the theater group/StoryCrafters.

Forums occurring at times other than Fri., Sat., and Sun. nights are a $25.00 reservation fee for each forum presentation reserved, with a 50/50 split of house proceeds between the presenter/StoryCrafters Studio.


June 24, 2012 Books and Books of Coral Gables hosted a play reaing of one of Flesh and Blooders as Sage Lifestyles in Miami Shores. The next step is a showcase.

Synopsis of Flesh and Blooders:

Judy Punchinello, the world famous Cuban puppet master, needs two apprentices, but she does not like “flesh-and-blooders.” She prefers her real friends, her puppets. Kalpita Aspara, who is trained in Indian classical dance, arrives to audition. Al Leighlewya, suffering from amnesia, wanders in from the street. Ancient culture meets young culture is this darkly funny story of identity and love.

In June of 2011, Cynthia's play, Imaginary Men  was read to an appreative audience at Books and Books in Coral Gables, FL.


Contact Cynthia at cynthia at oestarapublishing dot com.

Rochelle Weber

Rochelle Weber is a free-lance proof-reader/editor of considerable intelligence and skill. Contact Rochelle via Twitter.






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